Challenged Expedition 2020
Content submitted by Kra Travel (Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd) – Emmanuel
Submited Date : 16/10/2019
Each and Everyone Deserves an Experience of Adventure

The person-centered annual “Challenged Expedition” is a social and humanitarian values and impact creation driven event. It is a strategic and purposeful field trip, tour or excursion organized for Persons with Special Needs, Disabilities, Reduced Mobility and Physically or Mobility Challenged free of charge.
“Challenged Expedition” is planned, organized and hosted by the Ghana based Start-Up Social Enterprise, Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Kra Travel on every World Tourism Day, September 27th.

As a Tourism, Travel, Hospitality, Events Management and Organizing Social Enterprise (SE), the annual “Challenged Expedition”, is part of Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Kra Travel’s) social and humanitarian responsibility, purpose, impact and values creation interventions, efforts, activities and experiences.
For celebrating United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) World Tourism Day and in support or contribution to celebrating and promoting the Power of Tourism as a Force for Good (PTFG), and Tourism for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 10: Reduced Inequalities).

Persons with Special Needs, Disabilities, Reduced Mobility and Physically or Mobility Challenged are among the poorest, needy, vulnerable, marginalized, underprivileged, deprived and minority groups in Ghana.They are often taken for granted segment within communities and society and unfortunately, are predominantly confined to the periphery of economic, social, political, cultural, community, societal and developmental structures. Not surprisingly, they face diverse human or minority rights and developmental challenges or barriers within Ghana including inequalities.

In essence, “Challenged Expedition" seeks to serve as public education, storytelling, information dissemination, outreach, awareness raising, sensitization and advocacy platform. To bring into the mainstream social, community, national and international discourse, talking points, narratives, limelight, focus and attention these challenges.

Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Kra Travel) is a Start-Up Social Enterprise (SE) at its very nascent stage. The organization therefore, does not have all the required resources or financial capabilities and cannot do it all by itself. To achieve the desired goals, objectives and meet all other obligations, we are appealing for donations, sponsorship or support from all global citizens and community. Impact givers, makers, investors, donors and sponsors for financial and logistical assistance.