Huture Summit
Content submitted by Tourism 4.0 Partnership, initiated by Arctur – Vesna Kuralt
Submited Date : 06/09/2019
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Huture Summit is the space for all key stakeholders to meet, rethink and co-create the future … A HUTURE, which is a symbiosis of Human, Nature and Future. These three topics will be inspiring participants on the first day to envision a more sustainable future and consider all necessary steps to achieve that. As this year’s theme is tourism for the future, the second day of the summit will focus on its possible advancements with the help of technology and a creative approach to problem solving.

As UNWTO, the organisers believe that tourism can be the driving force to achieving sustainable development goals because there are 1.3 billion persons travelling per year worldwide. Imagine what a huge impact can tourism have on the whole society even with a small positive change in this sector. To achieve that, we need to step together. The organisers did exactly that and they are all also already co-creating tourism for the future. Arctur Ltd. initiated the Tourism 4.0 Partnership. School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana is the leading partner of Slovene-Austrian research project Pro-environmental behaviour of tourists in addition to the national project on carrying capacity of destinations. Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia is leading the Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership of Sustainable Tourism in Slovenia. Together they aspire to empower others to tackle the challenges of digitalisation of one of the world's largest and fastest growing economic sectors. How can tourism benefit from the new technologies? How can local providers and community better cooperate with the big players? How can creative thinking bring us beyond our limits? We believe that collaboration between representatives such as the minister of economic development and technology as well as the minister for agriculture, forestry and food from Slovenia alongside with industry and leading experts such as Sara Dolničar and Bertrand Bitz will move us closer to Huture.

Throughout history, the tourism business has been adapting to social and technological advancements and it needs to adapt again. Fast. Before the industry grows to unmanageable proportions - the estimation is that tourism will employ 42 million people in a decade. Hence, all interested parties from the industry, government or academia are eagerly invited to contribute their piece to a more sustainable future that we call Huture. Only together we can achieve this. Let’s walk the change together!