National Tourism Students Conference
Content submitted by ANTICLO Investments (Pty) Ltd – Olebogeng Thelma G.
Submited Date : 25/01/2019

The National Tourism Students Conference is an educational platform designed for students pursuing tourism and related studies. The conference is meant to bring together tourism students to share ideas, learn and connect with industry experts, and liaison for corporate relations. It is a dialogue platform intended to discuss contemporary issues in tourism, promote students' sense of belonging in the industry whilst in college as well as encourage students to be responsible travelers and community development change markers.

The National Tourism Students Conference features (1) a symposium with presentations from industry experts, (2) a seminar highlighting a Call for Papers initiative where students will present on researches focusing on the conference's theme, (3) 4 workshops were students are given the opportunity to interact with youth organisations or businesses engaging in sustainable tourism development projects across the country, as well as (4) a post conference tour intended to engage students in travelling.

The theme for the 2019 National Tourism Students Conference is "Exploring and discovering Botswana's Tourism Treasures" by promoting the growth of MICE (Business) Tourism as a niche tourism product for the diversification of tourism in Botswana.

This year we will be having a participation of 5 universities and 6 industry experts. We are expecting a total of 100 students to join us at the conference.

In the near future, we are intending to open this conference to international tourism students from Africa and across the country to join us and appreciate Botswana as a premier tourist destination of choice and get a chance to explore cultures in Botswana.

This is one of the events we host geared towards achieving Goal 4 of the SDGs and promote tourism development.

Currently ANTICLO Investments (Pty) is a small company with limited resources of which in most cases we can't afford 100% implementation of our projects because of lack of funds. I am seeking investors or sponsors for this event because it is an event that exposes the youth to the tourism world as well as help promote sustainable tourism and ensure that the youth get engaged in the industry. We will be happy to host international tourism students to this event at anytime. This is worth it.