Persons with Disabilities in Ghana Empowerment Through Tourism Innovations
Content submitted by Kra Travel (Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd) ā€“ Emmanuel
Submited Date : 18/02/2020
Creating, Providing and Amplifying Sustainable Opportunities, Linkages and Support Systems for Persons with Disabilities in Ghana to become Empowered, Resilient, Resourceful, Self-reliant and Thriving

The tourism industry or sector, has been acclaimed, touted and empirically proven to be one of the social, economic and business sectors. That has a huge potential, capacity and can actually create and offer sustainable employment opportunities for the army of less or uneducated, unskilled and semi-skilled labor force.

One of such critical, groups, but often poor, vulnerable, underprivileged and minority. Less or uneducated, unskilled and semi-skilled labor force within Ghana. And who deserves strategic assistance and attention. Through the provision of sustainable alternative livelihoods, job creation, income generation and livelihoods improvement tools and opportunities. To enable them become empowered, resilient, resourceful, self-reliant and thriving, are Persons with Disabilities.

The primary objective of this person-centered project, ā€œPersons with Disabilities in Ghana Empowerment Through Tourism Innovationsā€, is to plan, organize, provide and amplify rigorous tourism, travel and hospitality industrial sector focused training, capacity-building, employable and applicable (career or professional, business, entrepreneurial, technical, trades and vocational) skills development and acquisition targeted at Persons with Disabilities within Ghana.

All of these primarily, are aimed at creating favorable opportunities, linkages and support systems for sustainable and decent employment, jobs, livelihoods improvement, income generation, alternative livelihoods. Particularly, through self-employment for Persons with Disabilities. And providing the leverage to compliment and promote tourismĀ“s role in advancing SDGs One (1): No Poverty, Eight (8): Decent Work and Economic Growth and Ten (10): Reduced Inequalities..

To achieve the desired broad-based and grassroots mandates, goals, objectives, targets, and meet all other obligations involved in the planning, organizing, hosting and amplification of this person-centered project, it is imperative that other corporations, organizations, institutions, ministries, departments, agencies, groups, networks and individuals assist to ensure the successful implementation through sponsorship, funding or donation.