Posted Date : 9th September, 2019
En el marco de la Semana Mundial de Acción por los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible y en el Primer Festival de Acción por los ODS Costa Rica 2019, estaremos celebrando el Día Mundial del Turismo, con la charla Turismo y empleo: un futuro mejor para todos. Esta actividad totalmente gratuita se realizará a las 9:00 […]
Posted Date : 30th August, 2019
You learn about the 17 SDGs in a challenging trail. What are the SDGs? What do they each stand for? And above all what can you do to contribute to a better world for everyone? Hidrodoe is in 2019 one of the six SDG Voices in Belgium. For a whole year we tell and educate […]
Posted Date : 23rd August, 2019
In line with World Tourism Day, Lumina Foundation for Integral Human development through the Network of Professional Researchers and Educators and Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas through the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management will host the first LAYAG whose aim is to gather academicians, researchers and industry partners to share their research […]
Posted Date : 23rd August, 2019
The Sociology of Leisure and Tourism course at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) will help undergraduate students to understand tourism from a sociological perspective. Students will analyze and study topics such as: -Sociological perspectives on environmental sustainability in tourism -Sociological perspectives on cultural sustainability in tourism -Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals -The […]
Posted Date : 28th June, 2019
The East Africa Tourism Expo, is the region’s biggest travel show that brings together stakeholders in the tourism sector including high-value target consumers and destination sellers, travel service providers under one roof in a world-class setting. The event will be held in Uganda, between November 14th – 17th, 2019, under the Theme;”Enhancing Tourism as Engine […]
Posted Date : 6th May, 2019
Asia Pacific Youth Exchange Thailand is a two weeks exchange program held from 4 – 16 August 2019 under the theme of “Sustainable Tourism,” aiming at the Youth Empowerment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through social innovation and social entrepreneurship. The program expects the participation of 150 international delegates from more than 20 countries […]
Posted Date : 25th March, 2019
Nuestro objetivo es hacer del café un impulsor del desarrollo ecoturístico alternativo, en forma inclusiva y accesible, sostenible con el ambiente y de beneficio para las comunidades de la región. La Ruta del Café de Costa Rica (Región Occidental) contribuye a revalorar un conjunto de poblaciones del país que siempre han estado en el imaginario […]
Posted Date : 25th March, 2019
This book is about travel – not tourism per se, but travel – responsible, ecological and personal-growth travel; the kind of travel that benefits both the visitor and the visited while helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Leading travel expert Adam Rogers draws upon 40 years of experience exploring more than 130 countries […]
Posted Date : 8th February, 2019
We are an organization that works for the construction of peace through environmental conservation, decarbonization against climate change and sustainable development focused on ecotourism in Costa Rica. With communities, organizations, institutions and business, we have developed the Action Campaign for the Sustainable Development Goals. Our objective is to make sustainable coffee plantations an alternative ecotourism […]
Posted Date : 15th October, 2018
This joint publication between UNWTO and the Organization of American States highlights case studies from across the Americas that showcase the contribution of tourism to sustainable development in line with the 17 universal SDGs. It shows how a common multi-stakeholder approach to tourism development can catalyze sustainable growth through our sector. Key recommendations: • Across […]