SDG: SDG 14 Life Below Water
Posted Date : 25th October, 2018
Oceans are, with their temperature, their currents and under life sea, the engine of global systems that make the earth habitable for people. Oceans cover three-quarters of the earth’s surface, and our drinking water, the weather, the climate, the coasts, most of our food and even the air we breathe are dependent of the oceans. […]
Posted Date : 15th October, 2018
Tanzania’s coral reefs are under threat from dynamite fishing and overexploitation, while coastal forests are disappearing in the wake of rising charcoal production and coastal development. Marine Protected Areas play a crucial role in conversing biodiversity and replenishing coral and fish stock. They can also generate income for their own sustainable management through ecotourism. In […]
Posted Date : 15th October, 2018
The Mayakoba Tourism Development initiative is situated in Riviera Maya, within the Solidaridad municipality in the northern reaches of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It encompasses a 249 hectare complex, located on a karstic coast with a humid tropical climate. The local environmental systems – known as Punta Bete and Punta Maroma – form […]
Posted Date : 28th August, 2018
The training based on Digital Transformation in Tourism. People involved are the Youth of United Nation Association and United Nations Chapters Tanzania from 24th September to 28th September. As we celebrate the World Tourism Day 2018 by Visiting Historical sites in one region known as Tanga.
Posted Date : 21st August, 2018
The Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard provides a broader insight into how the sector is contributing to the SDGs by tracking indicators across a range of relevant sustainability dimensions.
Posted Date : 14th August, 2018
These guidelines are designed to support stakeholders engaged in the design and implementation of interventions on the promotion of decent work and full and productive employment in the tourism sector
Posted Date : 6th August, 2018
El objetivo principal del presente documento “Memoria Diagnóstico del Destino”, es el de servir de documento de referencia para el posterior proceso de auditoría y consecuente certificación de Ibagué
Posted Date : 6th August, 2018
Hotelplan Suisse is strengthening its cooperation with OceanCare: Activities as swimming with dolphins or visiting dolphinaria will no longer be advertised and travellers’ awareness raised.
Posted Date : 6th August, 2018
Working in Sustainable Development by Resilient Climate Creativity making sustainable business & Civic Media through AI & the 2030 Agenda
Posted Date : 2nd August, 2018
Sustainable tourism is increasingly relevant in national agendas for its role in fostering economic growth, social inclusiveness and the protection of cultural and natural assets. This is now also recognized at the highest international level with the UN General Assembly having adopted several resolutions acknowledging the role of tourism in sustainable development, including the 2030 […]