SDG: SDG 3 Good Health & Wellbeing
Posted Date : 16th January, 2019
Initiated by Alternative Life Association in 2002, Alternative Camp has been held in different cities in Turkey for 15 years, and since 2014 it is held in the Çukurbağ Village in Kaş/Antalya. It aims to spread the sense of volunteerism, to break social isolation and discrimination and to create an alternative model of holiday-making for […]
Posted Date : 15th November, 2018
The study program “Sustainable Tourism and International Development”, which is embedded in the Bachelor’s degree in Tourism at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland, was launched in 2017, simultaneously with the International Year of Sustainable Tourism (IY2017) of the United Nations. The combination of tourism, sustainability and development cooperation in a study program […]
Posted Date : 28th September, 2018
Through a Strategic Partnership with the Company Clean the World, the hotels that work on our Sustainability Program collect, sort, sanitize used amenities to produce hygiene Kits that are delivered to highly vulnerable communities in Dominican Republic The first hotel company in the Dominican Republic to adopt Clean the World’s Hospitality Recycling Program is Karisma […]
Posted Date : 20th August, 2018
Networking event for CBT entrepreneurs, responsible travel agencies & tour operators, academia, NGOs and public offices representatives. First two days are for workshops and forums related to relevant topic for CBT Second two days are for market and business rounds to promote selling alliances between attendees. General public is invited since there will be cultural […]
Posted Date : 14th August, 2018
In order to raise some un-addressed yet fragile mountain development issues, GEA is organising 1st International Conference on “Sustainable Mountain Development & Tourism (SMDT)” at Kathmandu/Nepal, by supporting the philosophy & mission of UN-SDGs ( & UN WTO ( collectively. We seek support from everyone or anyone, who is really concerned abt Mountain issues by […]
Posted Date : 9th August, 2018
The Adventure Junky App is ‘earth’s sustainable travel game’. Adventure Junky uses the proven tool of gamification to engage the world’s biggest demographic – Millennials – to travel more sustainably. With literally billions of travellers circling the planet every year, the travel industry has a significant impact on the well-being of people and planet. Adventure […]
Posted Date : 6th August, 2018
El objetivo principal del presente documento “Memoria Diagnóstico del Destino”, es el de servir de documento de referencia para el posterior proceso de auditoría y consecuente certificación de Ibagué
Posted Date : 6th August, 2018
The Macedonian Experience is a 1 week Tourism Program which kicks-off the start-up of our Cooperative Movement Changemakers4all ( In the program we work with the local community, often small farmers, shop-owners or individuals which are very involved in offering a different Touristic Experience. Lazar Stamkov is one of the key figures in this respect […]
Posted Date : 6th August, 2018
languages are invited to form clubs and participate in the games. thereafter, the surplus will be channelled to building a global language centre that will introduce LANGUAGE TOURISM & preserve langu
Posted Date : 6th August, 2018
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