SDG: SDG 5 Gender Equality
Posted Date : 25th October, 2018
We build a Hotel Chain in East Africa with PET Bottles and start at Kilimanjaro. The next step is Zansibar and the Region of Mtwo wa Mbo for the Safaris. We keep the upcycling idea for the interior design as well and build everything as far as possible with used items. We use a part […]
Posted Date : 16th October, 2018
The National Dance Award with History, is an initiative imagined by the Society of Historical, Archaeological and Geographical Studies of Chile, in conjunction with the directors of the Oriental Dance Academy Najmah All Sahara. With the main objective of stimulating creation in the field of historical research and geographical – historical analysis of oriental dance […]
Posted Date : 15th October, 2018
The Youth Career Initiative is the hotel industry’s award winning solution to global youth unemployment. It aids the hotel sector to address SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) by supporting disadvantaged young people – including survivors of human trafficking – through skills and employability training. Such skills enable them to access employment and education […]
Posted Date : 11th October, 2018
Ladakh, located in the Indian Himalayas, boasts rich cultural heritage due to its location on the ancient silk route. Tourists from around the world visit the area to meditate, explore its mountain valleys and its traditional heritage. Local communities were largely dependent on kerosene lamps for lighting, which emitted toxic fumes and caused health problems. […]
Posted Date : 11th October, 2018
The region of Mopti in Mali boasts two prominent tourism destinations – Djenné, a flooding area, and Sangha, a non-flooding area. Women in Mali are highly engaged in the production of handicrafts, hotel services, restaurants, the supply of produce and product processing. In Mopti, many small camps, restaurants and eateries are run by women. Women […]
Posted Date : 10th October, 2018
Dahshour is home to two of Egypt’s oldest and best-preserved pyramids. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, comprising five small villages, is located less than an hour from Cairo. Covering an area of 70 km2 between the river Nile and the desert, Dahshour is home to some 40,000 people. Many local community members maintain old customs, […]
Posted Date : 30th August, 2018
In early 2018, Wynn Resorts established an expanded Culture and Community Department. The department supports diversity and inclusion, gender equality, fair treatment in the workplace, and employee charitable efforts in the communities Wynn Resorts serves. One of the department’s first major initiative is the Women’s Leadership Forum. The forum is designed to close the gender […]
Posted Date : 29th August, 2018
Swisscontact, financed by SDC and in partnership with hotels in four of Myanmar’s tourism hotspots, started the Hotel Training Initiative in September 2014. Part of the Vocational Skills Development Programme, the courses offer disadvantaged women and men a chance to learn needed job skills, while supplying much-needed skilled workers to the areas’ hospitality industry. This […]
Posted Date : 27th August, 2018
The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in partnership with Globalia, launched the 1st UNWTO Tourism Startup Competition, the world’s largest initiative dedicated to identifying the startups that will lead the transformation of the tourism sector! ‍ Tourism is one of the best positioned sectors to drive inclusive growth, create jobs, reduce poverty, and foster sustainable development […]
Posted Date : 21st August, 2018
The Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard provides a broader insight into how the sector is contributing to the SDGs by tracking indicators across a range of relevant sustainability dimensions.