Theme: Certification and Standards
Posted Date : 6th March, 2020
The survey is conducted to glean the information from all around the world and from all the tourism sub-sectors. It will provide an overarching preview of the current situation of the carried-out activities on how the Sustainable Development Goals are incorporated into tourism. The results will pave the way towards consolidating the existing initiatives and […]
Posted Date : 25th February, 2020
Overtourism Solution is the new initiative with which the co-founders of Venezia Autentica ( are looking to transfer their unique, on the ground experience, to more destinations around the world. Venezia Autentica (VA) is a localized social enterprise using digital technologies, communication, and social innovation to increase both the satisfaction of visitors and the retention […]
Posted Date : 19th September, 2019
The Green Wall was founded in 2019 by Acacia Sustainability to provide consumers with sustainable alternatives to products and services used every day. The Green Wall aims to empower everyday consumers with information about products and services that are being sold today to reduce consumers impact on the environment. We hope that this will help […]
Posted Date : 20th August, 2019
In response to the disbandment of the Japan Ecolodge Association, the GSTC recognized standard, Environmentally Sustainable Accommodations International Standard (ESAIS), has transferred all its rights to Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN) as the end of year 2017. The revision of the original standard took place within AEN to reflect 1) the changes made to comply with […]
Posted Date : 2nd July, 2019
Overall Objective The overall objective of the project is to assist destinations in creating a sustainable and responsible tourism sector that contributes to economic growth, socio-economic development, cultural and natural preservation and well- being for the local communities and visitors alike.
Posted Date : 2nd July, 2019
Overall Objective  The overall objective is to develop a sustainable and responsible tourism sector in Guinea- Bissau that contributes to economic and socio-economic development by having a national tourism strategy and hotel classification system in place.
Posted Date : 4th July, 2018
The initiative hereby presented by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) is the Green Certifications Program. The PRTC encourages the development of new modalities such as ecotourism, agrotourism, cultural, religious, and medical and wellness, among other niche markets. For this development to be ongoing, it should be framed under the elements of sustainability. In accordance […]