Theme: Food & Agriculture
Posted Date : 16th January, 2019
SUSTAINABILITY ACTIONS SOCIAL MAINTENANCE BANK HOURS Through a local social organization (El Risell), the donation of 2 hours of maintenance work for residents of the neighborhood with few resources is managed. In this way those people generally of old age have access to a person in their house of confidence that can carry out the small […]
Posted Date : 16th October, 2018
The trip will serve as un opportunity for participants to get hands-on experience and exposure to Lesotho’s cultural norms, business regulatory framework, political climate and socioeconomic challenges and opportunities. The visit is a mixture of tourism activities and face to face purposefully arranged meetings with local business and governmental offices. Participants will have an opportunity […]
Posted Date : 15th October, 2018
This joint publication between UNWTO and the Organization of American States highlights case studies from across the Americas that showcase the contribution of tourism to sustainable development in line with the 17 universal SDGs. It shows how a common multi-stakeholder approach to tourism development can catalyze sustainable growth through our sector. Key recommendations: • Across […]
Posted Date : 15th October, 2018
How can tourism effectively contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development? This flagship report addresses the changes needed in policies, business practices and consumer behaviour. Showcased along 23 case studies from around the world, this two-volume report examines the role of tourism in each of the five pillars of the International Year of Sustainable […]
Posted Date : 11th October, 2018
Volcanoes National Park (VNP), a haven for the highest concentration of endangered mountain gorillas in the world, is situated in northern Rwanda, on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The region is characterized by its high population density – of some 700 people per square kilometre – land scarcity and poverty. […]
Posted Date : 11th October, 2018
The region of Mopti in Mali boasts two prominent tourism destinations – Djenné, a flooding area, and Sangha, a non-flooding area. Women in Mali are highly engaged in the production of handicrafts, hotel services, restaurants, the supply of produce and product processing. In Mopti, many small camps, restaurants and eateries are run by women. Women […]
Posted Date : 11th October, 2018
Kumarakom is situated on the banks of the Vembanad Kayal – the second largest lagoon in India – near the city of Kottayam, in the heart of the Kerala backwaters, a chain of brackish lagoons and lakes in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Tourism is thriving as visitors are drawn to the area’s immense […]
Posted Date : 11th October, 2018
The local development project spearheaded by Club Med and the NGO Agrisud supports local producers who are in precarious situations and live in the vicinity of Club Med resorts in Senegal, Brazil, Morocco and Indonesia. The initiative’s challenging aim is to organize a lasting match between the local supply of food products and the demands […]
Posted Date : 10th October, 2018
As Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana, prepared to assume the title of European Green Capital 2016, a study among local hoteliers and restaurants revealed that two main obstacles prevented them from purchasing locally produced goods – price and complexity. In order to resolve these issues, the Green Supply Chains project was launched in 2015. It aims […]
Posted Date : 26th September, 2018
Tourism can contribute to the achievement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ― Center for Tourism Research (CTR), Wakayama University under its mission aims to contribute to the development of a sound and sustainable society through the advancement of tourism research. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, the concept and related activities of SDGs […]