Theme: Urban Development
Posted Date : 16th July, 2019
A project of teaching innovation in the university, Instituto Superior de Arquitectura y Diseño de Chihuahua ISAD (Higher Institute of Architecture and Design of Chihuahua). Through the creation of a new subject that makes the future architect’s laboral perspectives bigger by the union of tourism, heritage, and architecture. Looking at the national social and political […]
Posted Date : 22nd May, 2019
After many months of preparation, on April 18th was held the First IIPT Iranian Working at the headquarters of the company “Miniature Group” in Tehran. With this meeting Fabio Carbone, lecturer and researcher in Heritage, Tourism and Intercultural Dialogue, IIPT Ambassador-at-Large and Special Envoy for Iran, officially launched the challenge of creating an Iranian Chapter […]
Posted Date : 18th April, 2019
This research project aims to scrutinize the current system of monitoring the sustainable development in Ukraine and to improve its consistency with the globally and regionally (EU) practiced ones in order to clarify the geospatial patterns across the country based on the international and national benchmarking. The project pursues academic and educational goals of the […]
Posted Date : 25th March, 2019
Dreams Academy is an Alternative art initiative which provides equal chance, opportunities and safe space to people with special needs with an inclusive approach.. Based on social entrepreneurial principals, self sustainable, not for profit but having social enterprises, less staff more volunteers,both local and international, partnering with UNDP and other global institutions , following the […]
Posted Date : 25th March, 2019
A guide book for Tourism For All, Definitions, how to implement, good examples, disability etiquette, smart solutions
Posted Date : 25th March, 2019
Via Sustentável is a sustainable tourism news portal. Created to be 100% digital, it is part of Editora Via Group, which publishes Brasilturis, the first tourism market news newspaper, ViaG, a pioneer magazine in LGBT tourism, and Best Travel, the first magazine focused on tourism for the third Age.Conceived by the journalist Velma Gregório, specialist […]
Posted Date : 25th March, 2019
The city of Zurich is being given a new highlight. For the first time in Switzerland, a permanently signposted route the symbolic length of a marathon (42 km) leading through urban green spaces is being created. The “discovery route” runs exclusively along the Zurich network of hiking trails, meaning that relaxation, variety and breathtaking panoramic […]
Posted Date : 12th February, 2019
The Tourism Observatory of Minas Gerais is a research network composed by 18 entities between public and private institutions (including tourism universities) and coordinated by the Secretary of Minas Gerais State for Tourism. The Observatory aims to monitor, as a network, the touristic activities in the State, encouraging innovation, market intelligence and to promote academic […]
Posted Date : 25th January, 2019
This assessment evaluates the potential for sustainable tourism development in Eritrea’s coastal Massawa and Dahlak Archipelago as an economic opportunity that can contribute to improved livelihoods, heritage promotion and natural conservation efforts. A total of 472 surveys were administered with local communities from Massawa and Dahlak; more than 200 surveys with local, diaspora and international […]
Posted Date : 15th November, 2018
The study program “Sustainable Tourism and International Development”, which is embedded in the Bachelor’s degree in Tourism at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland, was launched in 2017, simultaneously with the International Year of Sustainable Tourism (IY2017) of the United Nations. The combination of tourism, sustainability and development cooperation in a study program […]