Exclusive Art Tourism
The Art Industry is underplayed and does not get the recognition that it deserves considering the role that it plays in cultural sustainability and its contribution to the economic growth of the country. As a result artists struggle to be seen and appreciated and often do not have the resources or capacity to promote and advertise their work. Although there are initiatives to try and provide a platform for such artists these are mostly uncoordinated leading to scattered efforts. The lack of local appreciation and understanding of the arts industry equates to a poor flow of traffic to galleries, art centres etc from the local population. Solution: -A Partnership between us as the (Tour Operator) and the Art Galleries, Artists and Community Art Centres to develop Exclusive Art Tours. -Taking tourists to the artists through planned art tours. The increase in traffic of people to art centres and galleries, some of which are in remote areas or rural communities will ensure that they become more visible and will do a lot in terms of rural development. The Project incorporates atleast 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals as the attached document highlights. For example; the support of under resourced communities (SDG 1 and 8), academic sponsorship of a young female artist in the rural communities as well as nurturing of their art skills (SDG 4 and 5), support of the women in the tourism circle (wives of our drivers and others in similar circumstances) to start income generating projects as well as giving them the necessary training (SDG 5 and 8). We also seek to strengthen the structures already in place to promote local art by partnering with them and supporting their efforts through the planned tours (SDG 17) Also support in creation or rennovation of existing creative hubs to incorporate more artists with diverse arts and crafts skills and thus provide them a platform to engage with the rest of the world through the tours (SDG 9).