Beautiful colonial city of Morelia, located in Michoacan State, Mexico, will host the 5th Magical Towns Fair, which will gather the 111 localities that have obtained this denomination. A Magic Town is a small town, located mostly in rural but accessible areas, which offers its visitors unique experiences based on its historical, cultural and natural assets, making them live truly magical moments. This edition will also include the participation of Latin American countries interested in joining eforts to develop a regional LATAM product from the sum of communities with similar characteristics. Visitors will find an exhibition area, local products and handcrafts fair trade, local food tasting, training seminars, learning talks and art shows based on the cultural heritage of each participating town. The Magic Towns program was created in 2001 and fosters roots by creating employment linked to tourism; reinforces the values โ€‹โ€‹of identity; contributes to reduce poverty and inequality. It is managed from the local level by empowered civilian committees that work together with the acting governments in turn to guarantee their continuity.