Mainstreaming the Sustainable Development Goals: a results framework for galleries, libraries, archives and museums
'Mainstreaming the SDGs in galleries, libraries, archives and museums' aims to help these institutions to go beyond aligning their activity to particular SDGs or targets, to using the targets concretely to develop, plan, monitor and communicate activity that helps achieve SDGs and targets. This is built around a set of seven key activities that these types of institutions routinely do, and which represent channels for more ambitious and more impactful activity for sustainable development. Supporting sustainable tourism is one of these seven activities, but tourism also relates to all seven, as the activities are related. The guide is an interactive PDF, where organisations ask themselves which activities and targets they are committed to, and to help them plan and deliver action towards them, in outcomes-focussed ways.
Museums and Human Rights: Human rights as a basis for public service
'Museums and Human Rights: human rights as a basis for public service' is a free e-guide on human rights in relation to museums, and how museums can use human rights-based approaches (HRBA) to guide their decision making and management in ways that are transparent, effective and transformative, as part of sustainable development. This is one of a series of guides by Curating Tomorrow (a consultancy run by Henry McGhie) aiming to empower insitutions to understand their obligations, develop their ability to deliver their obligations, and to help more people be able to claim their rights and entitlements through institutions. Tourism relates to many human rights and SDGs, and museums can support sustainable tourism through the programmes they develop, the way they employ staff, the way they use natural resources, and the partnerships and collaborations they develop and support.
Museums and Disaster Risk Reduction: building resilience in museums, society and nature
This free Guide (which can be dowloaded at this link: aims to help empower museums (small, large and of any kind, anywhere), museum workers, museum networks and their partners to draw on Disaster Risk Reduction approaches. This should help them reduce the impact of disasters, whether COVID-19, climate change, or any other kind of disaster, for the benefit of themselves, their communities, and the natural environment. Disaster Risk Reduction is the subject of a number of SDGs, notably SDGs 11.5 and 11.B, while COVID-19 and its management also relates to SDG 3.D. The Guide has two main goals: 1. To help museums build their resilience, and reduce the impact of disasters on museums themselves. 2. To help museums contribute to resilience-building in the wider world, for the benefit of society and the natural environment.
Guide: Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals: a how-to guide for museums, galleries, the cultural sector and their partners
This guide is intended to help empower museums (small, large and of any kind, anywhere), museum workers, museum networks and their partners to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs for short).