In Old Turkish, the word 'seyyâh' was used to mean travelling, wandering, tourist, passenger. So where does our story begin? Right at this point! We say yeah to wander around the world like a seyyah to bring together the best music, venue and audience. On this road, which started with the vision of bringing a new brand and a destination festival to the global event industry; ✦ The "SAY YEAH" character becomes localized in the destinations it will reach, and contributes to brand awareness and values by reflecting these regions from its perspective. ✦ In regions where history and nature are blended, the venue and the artist match and bring them together with the audience. ✦ It highlights the cultural values unique to that region and designs harmonious activities. ✦ The universal communication tool uses the unifying power of music. ✦ It creates cinematic short films that will make the audience ebb and flow between the past and the present and offers a different perspective on digital marketing of destinations. And while doing all this, to strike out the caption of "differences created by the borders determined by the policies" and to prove that every society living in the world has countless cultural similarities and that the kilometers in between do not differentiate people that much.