Better Data for a Better Tourism in SIDS
SIDS are committed to increasing resilience by revitalizing and diversifying their economies, notably through a more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable tourism model. The UN has acknowledged tourism's potential to contribute to sustainable development, by declaring 2027 the International Year of Sustainable and Resilient Tourism (A/RES/78/260). Despite the recognition, tourism remains underrepresented in international financing for development as only 0.17% of ODA was allocated to tourism in 2022, hindering its potential to foment socio-economic growth, accelerate the transition to sustainable practices, and as an effective means to attract investment for SIDS. A lack of reliable and comparable data further complicates progress. This event will explore frameworks and tools to comprehensively measure tourism's impact, dependencies, and growth ‘beyond GDP’, fostering informed decision-making for its sustainable advancement.


Welcome by UN Tourism. Panel I: A 360º approach to measuring tourism’s sustainability.
  • International Monetary Fund: Ms. Alessandra Alfieri
  • University of Oxford SDG Impact Lab: Mr. Edward Brooks
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency: Mr. Jun Saotome
Moderator and Keynote speaker: UN Tourism Panel II: Why do we need a 360° approach to measuring tourism’s sustainability?
  • UN Tourism: Ms. Sandra Carvão
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency: Ms. Tomomi Sato
  • Catalytic Finance Foundation: Mr. David Albertani
  • Pegasus Capital Advisors: Ms. Natalie Gartmann
Moderator: UN Tourism Closing by UN Tourism. To watch the side-event's recording, please click here.
Family Businesses for Tourism
The project will focus on agronomic initiatives for promoting the regional tourism in Boyacá Colombia