KITmanif, an interactive and dynamic platform, proposes to event organizers to move towards sustainable development by including this component in the organization stages of the event. The organizers of small or large events will not only be able to consult the given information, but also to create their personalized "kit" free of charge, according to the profile of their event, in order to archive tips, procedures, practical tools, as well as the references of local providers that they can share with the various members of their committee. In short, a complete and "tailor-made" kit to facilitate the success of sports and cultural events, reaching towards sustainability. "KITmanif" is fully in line with the sustainability objectives of the 2030 Agenda.
Lausanne Montreux Congress
Our vision is to become a leading global sustainable destination and use the power of events and meetings to further catalyse the sustainable development of our region for the benefit of our visitors, clients and citizens.
Générateur d'innovation
By leveraging co-creation, the Innovations Generator has stimulated new strengths to develop innovative touristic project ideas (SDGG 9), initiated new partnerships (SDG 17) and offered spaces for creation. The initiators of these projects were advised and supported, and the promising projects received financial support to allow the development of the initial idea. The projects had to respect at best the three dimensions of sustainability: the economy, the ecology and the society. The Innovations Generator has generated a lot of interest: 49 project ideas were submitted to the competition. This project was supported by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.