TUI Cruises CSR Actions – Wildlife and ecosystems – landscape protection
Content submitted by – UNWTO RW
Submited Date : 30/07/2018

TUI Cruises contributed to the conservation of biodiversity on the high seas and in the global destinations in a variety of ways in 2016, especially in sustainable coral conservation. Many species of coral are threatened by extinction due to the destruction of their habitats, which is leading to a loss of diversity in species and to a deterioration of ecosystems.

In collaboration with zoo aquaria, scientists and local lobby groups, the non-profit foundation SECORE International (“SExual COral Reproduction”) is pursuing new procedures in nature and species conservation and ismaking efforts to find innovative strategies to recultivate coral species threatened by extinction and to restore the functionality of coral reefs. One of the SECORE projects, with which TUI Cruises has been involved since 2012, is coral conservation off of the coast of Curaçao.

In addition, TUI Cruises and SECORE as part of the collaboration with Futouris e. V. have developed a campaign on the subject of sustainable snorkeling and diving within the coral conservation project. All over the world, inattentive or unwitting visitors cause severe damage to coral reefs and have had an alarmingly adverse affect on their condition. Against this backdrop, the campaign provides targeted information for tourists on excursions and trains local diving schools and their guides in the Caribbean.

TUI Cruises has integrated a Code of Conduct into its contracts with the diving schools, which lay down sustainable diving standards. The campaign entitled “Sustainable under water” focuses the awareness of tourists and local divers on sustainable conduct during the dives and thus promotes environmentally acceptable dive trips. As a result, it makes an additional contribution to the SECORE recultivation projects for coral conservation.