Club Med CSR Actions – Health prevention program, Customer security and health prevention and facilities
Content submitted by – UNWTO RW
Submited Date : 16/07/2018

Club Med has developed a high degree of expertise in preventing risks related to the health and safety of its customers and employees. All employee training stresses the safety of employees and customers as a top priority. Club Med also puts a special focus on prevention and on providing medical support and assistance to its teams whenever necessary. The Health and Safety (HS) department and its networks of coordinators are vital to this effort.

In 2017, the mechanism to track professional moves of office GO® (Club Med staff are called "GOs", or Gentils Organisateurs )  abroad using the tool, SSF Locator, selected in 2015 by the Department of Human Resources, Safety-Hygiene and Health, is being deployed in all agencies that the Group calls on. This tool enables to better anticipate, react to and communicate with those traveling, if needed. It integrates bookings made by the various booking agencies and notifies travelers prior to departure about the security situations at their destination. It also enables the traveler to be contacted during their trip if necessary.