Club Med – Responsible purchases – diversity and respect policy
Content submitted by – UNWTO RW
Submited Date : 16/07/2018

Club Med has a role as an assembler of various services, in which purchasing plays an active part approximately 75% of the business volume. Responsible purchasing thus fits naturally into the Group’s strategy of responsible performance.

Since 2007, raising the buyers’ proficiency in sustainable purchasing has been the focus of regular workshops, especially during annual international conferences. Sustainable purchasing concerns everyone, and is addressed based on the degree of maturity of the geographical regions.  The Group obtained in 2014 OEA/AEO customs certification. This customs procedures and safety/security quality label is a measure of the confidence invested in Club Med by European customs which recognizes the company as a reliable international trading partner. This internationally recognized certification accords certain privileges in terms of customs procedures and controls relating to safety and security.
Stages of the purchasing process

Sustainable development actions are incorporated at each stage of the purchasing process:

  • In defining the purchasing policy: managing risks and developing responsible purchasing is one of the four pillars of the policy;
  • In sourcing criteria: certifications and/or the implementation of good environmental and social practices are one of the questions asked of any potential new supplier through the dedicated website;
  • In the main operating specifications and the selection criteria for tenders and contracts;
  • In reporting on sustainable purchasing: monitoring methods and computer tools have been developed; their use should continue to increase;
  • In improvement processes requested by the buyers from their suppliers.