Cox and Kings CSR Actions – Health awareness campaigns
Content submitted by – UNWTO RW
Submited Date : 18/07/2018

Every human has a right to a healthy life. However, the wide socio-economic gap in society denies large populations access to accessible and affordable medical care. The underprivileged and those most at-risk are also those most unlikely to receive timely healthcare interventions. Cox & Kings is committed to bring quality healthcare to the lives of everyone. With our partners we also work to improve the lives of children facing multiple disabilities, thus enabling them to lead an independent life.

In the year 2016-17, Cox & Kings Foundation has implemented the following health care projects -

  1.  Providing Iron chelators (medicines to control iron overload) to Thalassaemia patients: Iron overload is an undesirable outcome of the regular blood transfusions. Conditions arising out of iron overload are the main cause of fatalities among thalassaemia patients. Cox & Kings Foundation ensured seamless flow of iron chelators to the thalassaemia patients belonging to lower-income families. Patients belonging to various centres in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar, Pune Loni, Srirampur, Dhule, Solapur and Kolhapur were benefitted due to the availability of Iron chelators.
  2. Upkeep of Ashray and Ankur Asmita Centres: Cox & Kings Foundation supports Ashray and Ankur Asmita, temporary Crisis Intervention Centres (CIC) set up by CCDT to ensure the protection of children, especially those who are orphaned and vulnerable. CCDT along with the Cox & Kings Foundation has been able to positively impact the lives of children by way of nutritious food, timely medical care, psychosocial & recreational support and counselling and attention to their developmental needs.
  3. Making wishes come true: Cox & Kings Foundation supports Make a Wish Foundation in fulfilling ‘To Have’ wishes of the critically ill children. With this money, MAWF buys the child a gift of his or her choice, such as a toy car, computer, a doll house, digital camera and so on. The Foundation also supports the 'to go' wishes wherein we fulfill travel wishes of these terminally ill children. Cox & Kings Foundation sponsors the trip of the child to any destination of his choice, within India. With this initiative, we have created happy memories at the children’s dream destinations such as Delhi, Goa, Ajmer, Agra, Kulu Manali and so on.
  4. Gifting vision: Cox & Kings Foundation believes that sight should be a gift everyone should enjoy - regardless of their socio-economic status. Our efforts are to bring advanced healthcare and eye treatments to the millions who are denied it. Cox & Kings along with Poona Blind Men's Association has undertaken cataract surgeries of needy and economically weaker patients.
  5. Beating cancer: Cox & Kings Foundation stands shoulder to shoulder with its NGO partners in supporting children suffering from cancer. They continue to hold awareness programmes and sponsor treatment as they enable hundreds of children to beat the fatal disease. Cox and Kings also celebrated International Childhood Cancer Day with Make a Wish Foundation and CanKids KidsCan in different states of India.Whereas, CanKids KidsCan organised the Go Gold  India – for Warriors and Angels campaign that aimed at creating awareness about the central message that childhood cancer is curable.
  6. Special therapies to children with multiple disabilities: Each child with multiple disabilities is unique. He/She has his/her own set of experiences, medical condition, style of learning, likes dislikes, etc. Cox & Kings Foundation believes in assisting these kids to make them independent in their daily lives as much as possible. Our association with Muskan Foundation has yielded impressive results year on year. For the overall development of the child facing multiple disabilities, therapies are extremely important. The apt therapy is selected and complemented with special education. Keeping the child’s age in mind, he or she is enrolled in an early intervention program or the special education program. Based on the needs of the child, therapies like Vision Rehabilitation, Occupational, Physiotherapy, Sensory Integration & Speech Therapy are executed.
  7. Clean Drinking Water: The famous tourist destination of Gujarat, known for its serenity, has been facing a severe problem - water salinity. Water in Kutch is excessively saline, with TDS levels well above the permissible limits of WHO (World Health Organisation). This has caused deterioration of health of the young kids in schools. The steady fall in the number of school children coming to school and severe water salinity affecting their health prompted Cox & Kings Foundation to set up RO filters in association with Centre for Desert and Ocean and Green Works Trust