EXO Travel CSR Actions – Professional Development
Content submitted by – UNWTO RW
Submited Date : 19/07/2018

EXO Travel invest in training to empower their employees. They promote a culture a culture of passion, innovation, sharing and caring, life-long learning in EXO Travel. This is underlined by the company's annual EXO Academy training conducted by Mekong Train Coaching Agency . The training is customized every year and based on various topics such as teamwork, time management, planning, productivity, etc.

EXO also provides sustainability training and in Responsible Tourism. They undertook the Travelife certification process to motivate employees to think about sustainability throughout all aspects of business and raise awareness of key issues to consider.

  • In 2013 and 2014 a presentation was given by the EXO Foundation to all Yangon staff members about Responsible Tourism and how EXO is getting involved with the Travelife certification scheme.
  • 50 members of Yangon office staff (including ALL managers) passed the online Travelife training in October 2014.
  • All key documents such as Responsible Travel Policy, Ethical Code, Guidelines for Wildlife Viewing and Protection, and EXO Saving Tips (discussed in 'Internal management: Environment and community relations') are clearly communicated to staff via email and the EXO 24 intranet service.
  • Since 2015, new staff are introduced to Responsible Tourism and Travelife during the induction training provided by HR.
  • STeam was set up in April 2015 and consists of at least one staff member from each department. At present,there are 28 members of the team. Meetings are arranged twice per month and the objective is to empower team members and make them more familiar with sustainability concepts. They become ambassadors for sustainability within the company and convey their knowledge to fellow members of their department. Examples of topics discussed during STeam meetings: Saving energy, reducing paper usage, reducing waste, recycling and 'upcycling'