EXO Travel CSR Actions – Recycling and Waste – specific material
Content submitted by – UNWTO RW
Submited Date : 19/07/2018

EXO Myanmar is taking responsibility for setting an example by ensuring as little waste as possible is wasted:

  • All pantry waste is separated according to the following categories: wet waste, dry waste, instant coffee packets, plastic bottles, aluminium cans.
  • Used individual coffee packets are sent to the Mary Chapman School for the Deaf on a monthly basis. The school uses these as  raw materials to create handicrafts in their training workshop_
  • Used aluminium cans are sent to Pomelo on a monthly basis. The social enterprise sends these to its suppliers who use them to create innovative products.
  • Staff have been sensitized about the negative health and environmental impacts of polystyrene and are requesting caterers for private office events to bring reusable plates rather than polystyrene.
  • Housekeeping staff sell accumulated used plastic bottles and paper to informal waste collectors who recycle these products. This raise awareness that 'waste is not waste' and in fact has a value.
  • Begin monitoring our monthly recyclable and non-recyclable waste production
  • Identify further options for recycling/'upcycling' izr waste to reduce our production of non-recyclable waste
  • Install paper towel dispensers in all small office bathrooms to help staff use just one paper towel every time they use their hands. They have also trainedstaff to use the 'shake and fold' method which involves shaking one's hands 12 times after washing and then folding one paper towel to dry the hands.