EXO Travel – Professional development
Content submitted by – UNWTO RW
Submited Date : 23/07/2018

EXO Travel started a series of trainings to all staff to raise staff awareness on issues related to office consumption and their environmental and social impacts, and to raise awareness on the importance of considering the consequences of their actions,Β  which is a major Buddha teaching making it even more relevant in our destinations.

To shift from a didactic training to a more fun and accessible learning tool and to find a away to get their staff to be more familiar with sustainability principles and aware of all the new policies and guidelines, they have launched a game : EXO Sustainability Game.

In September 2015, EXO Foundation launched a monthly sustainability game to improve staff knowledge on sustainability. The game includes a quiz and/or a mission with a specific theme, such as: responsible tourism, environmental management in the office, local communities, climate change, etc.Β  Questions are specifically relevant to tourism and EXO Travel. Winners are rewarded with 'responsible' gifts. This game has been proven quite successful and was recognized by Travelife as an outstanding tool. The game has created a dynamic learning process, stimulating initiatives and creativity of the staff.