Experience Travel Group CSR Actions – Responsible Investment
Content submitted by – UNWTO RW
Submited Date : 20/07/2018

Experience Travel Group is working with all parties affected by their business, including clients, colleagues, suppliers, industry partners and local communities, to ensure that the experience they offer cause minimal disturbance whilst providing the utmost enjoyment for the client. They also increase focus of sustainable options throughout their destination countries and encourage suppliers to improve their product with regards to making it more sustainable.

Through continued correspondence with all parties involved, products will be developed accordingly in an effort to ensure that not only the experiences provided to the client are authentic and enjoyable, but that the impacts caused by such experiences do not negatively affect the local communities or environment. Local community perceptions will be periodically garnered via a community survey, to receive information from communities on how the group can work more effectively and positively for them.

Wildlife and nature product will be continuously reviewed based on the latest information in the press and scientific literature to ensure not only the experience is enjoyable for the client but that it is not negatively affecting the wildlife involved and that the practice is not encouraging unethical/illegal activities such as poaching.

As an action to increase focus on sustainable options throughout their destination countries, a review of safari drive operators and the production of guidelines for all safari drive operators used by Experience Travel Group. We also aim to review the experiences offered with regards to tribal trekking, particularly in relation to the tourist heavy areas of Sapa in northern Vietnam, and Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, and the employment practices of hotels and ground handlers. This initiative has already begun with the removal of excursions to the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage and continues to develop through the review of elephant riding activities throughout their destinations countries.

Experience Travel Group will also raise awareness of sustainable travel practices to their clients to reduce negative environmental impact, for example through promoting the use of filtered water bottles to replace single use plastics.