Ikaalisten Matkatoimisto Oy
Content submitted by Ikaalisten Matkatoimisto – Esa Talonen
Submited Date : 06/04/2021

Ikaalisten Matkatoimisto Oy (IMT) is a family owned finnish travel agent and a tour operator. We provide leisure travel packages to finnish customers. Our travel destinations are mostly picked from near countries of Finland, like Baltic and Nordic countries.

We believe that by educating our customers about the local cultures, environment, and nature we enforce tolerance, equality, and sustainability. We believe that travel is one key to broader world view. On our company core, it’s written that we want to be a responsible company in every level of our operations.

We have always been looking to work with responsible and sustainable partners. When choosing partners, for example, transportation or activities, we always value responsibility higher than price.

For example, we have put in our effort to create bus routes for our customers' needs, so that they would have an alternative to their own car travelling. New buses are of course more expensive and more comfortable, but also way much more environmentally friendly than old ones. Actually, with the smart and efficient usage of new buses and routes, we can even beat average train transportation on environmental friendliness! During the Covid-19 crises we have brought new nature activities and local experiences to our customers.

It’s been a horrible year with Covid-19 to travel industry. Nevertheless, we have still kept all of our staff and used only temporary lay-offs to be able to survive.

In 2021 we are creating a CO2 emission calculator to show to our customers how much CO2 emissions are involved to travel. We have also planned to create compensation for the travel packages that consumers can pay at the same time when booking her travel package.

We are also planning to have new kinds of travel experiences that would have an even bigger impact on local communities or local environments.