Kintamani coffee trees replanting
Content submitted by Coop Coffee Indonesia – Reza
Submited Date : 27/09/2022

Coop Coffee Indonesia understand that coffee activities are responsible for emitting greenhouse gases due to environmental impacts caused by primary agricultural and processing activities. We have made some pre-calculation on the impact and on the carbon sequestration under 1 Subak Abian (farmer groups) of Tri Guna Karya on their 79 hectares coffee area. Coop Coffee is taking action through the Tri Hita Karana local wisdom to neutralize the carbon emitting happened due to the export trading activity. We divide our activity in 2 actions: reducing carbon at the main activity and showing true ambition for carbon neutrality to achieve the Indonesia NDCs.

Target of 2022 :
1. Reducing 25% carbon on the coffee processing from 0.341 kg CO2/ kg green bean to 0.25575 kg CO2/ kg green bean
2. Carbon sequestration: 1 Subak Abian of Tri Guna Karya (TGK) consists of 127,183 coffee trees expect to 127,183,040 tons CO2 per year can be absorbed

Also Coop Coffee Indonesia concerned to protect the Geographical Indication area of Kintamani Bali arabica coffee for maintaining the Coffee Trip To Origin Sustainable tourism.