MiWeeks eco conscious booking
Content submitted by MiWeeks eco conscious booking – Francois
Submited Date : 31/08/2020

MiWeeks eco conscious travel club operates in the online booking segment where we propose a selection of quality vacation rentals.
At MiWeeks we are developing "eco friendly travel technology". Our point of departure begins by rethinking the traditional 21st century business model and question investment theories used in the business world. We bring forward human values in our business model and reflect these in the development of our travel technology.

Further, we believe that travel technology is key to help finance the green economy and sustainable development goals. I explain:

According to WTTC in 2018 travel & tourism, the worlds largest industry, had a direct contribution to the global economy amounting to 8.81 trillion dollars and by 2023 70% of revenues will be made online. At MiWeeks we believe that travel technology is at a cross road, we can continue to develop smart travel technology that will know everything about us, anticipate our needs with the specific purpose to generate online revenues, or we can develop smart travel technology that can help finance the necessary actions to tackle the environmental effects created by the industry (land conversion, biodiversity loss, air pollution, ocean acidification & pollution etc..)