TUI Cruise CSR Actions – Wildlife and Ecosystems – animal protection
Content submitted by – UNWTO RW
Submited Date : 30/07/2018

TUI Cruises cooperated with several environmental protection organizations, whose campaign goals include the conservation of whales. Through donations from the Green & Fair excursions, for instance, the company again supported the organizations MEER e.V. and Pottwale e.V. The latter organization mainly uses the donations for information activities for the population on Dominica and, in particular, the newly created Marine Education Program, which is particularly aimed at children.

In 2016, TUI Cruises also successfully continued its important awareness campaign on whale conservation for guests. As part of its more than two-year collaboration with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), the company created a flyer called “Meet us don’t eat us”, which informs guests on the Nordic routes about the threat presented to whales and the concerns of consuming whale meat.

In the summer of 2016, the subject of whale conservation featured strongly in the media in connection with whaling on the Faroe Islands, a destination which TUI Cruises served once during 2016.
TUI Cruises expressly distances itself from worldwide whaling. If the company encounters practices that raise concerns about species protection at its destinations, it consistently seeks a dialogue with the authorities, environmental protection organizations and its local partners. This was also the case in connection with the whaling on the Faroe Islands, which was criticized most strongly by TUI Cruises.

In a meeting held at the destination, TUI Cruises was able to convince itself that the company’s tourist attractions on the Faroe Islands had nothing to do with whaling and will continue to actively inform its guests on the route about the local situation and thus create awareness of what is happening in the region.