TUI Cruises – Recycling and waste
Content submitted by – UNWTO RW
Submited Date : 30/07/2018

TUI Cruises place special focus on the issue of food waste through the launch of the project supported by Futouris entitled “Food Waste – Reduction of food waste on cruise ships”. The aim of the pilot project is to make efforts to tackle the tremendous waste of food around the world. The project launched in September 2016 has a duration of 18 months, during this time the causes of food waste on board the Mein Schiff ® fleet will be identified with the aid of the project partner United Against Waste e. V. and processes relevant for reducing food waste will be optimized. After the first analysis phase on board Mein Schiff 4, TUI Cruises is working with United Against Waste e. V. and Futouris in a second project phase to develop specific measures from the results and is set to conduct trials of these measures on board as from the summer.

These measures are intended to organize the processes involved in the preparation, presentation and disposal of food on board more efficiently. The aim is to use the resources employed to the best possible effect, reduce the consumption of resources and food waste as well as create awareness for this topic amongst the crew and guests. The company will then prepare a catalogue of actions from the final results and carry out targeted training for the employees on board. TUI Cruises will implement the effective measures within the entire Mein Schiff ® fleet.

The results of the project will be published via Futouris and thus made available to the cruise industry as a whole. This will enable far-reaching stimuli to be given in the form of specific proposals for measuring food waste and best practice measures for reducing waste. This is intended to promote greater sustainability in managing food on cruise ships.