Verona In tour
Content submitted by Verona in Tour – Andrea Monroy
Submited Date : 28/01/2021
Horseback riding in the countryside

Verona In Tour creates tailor-made travel experiences and sojourns, authentic itineraries, private events and celebrations. Verona In Tour was created to offer experiences and activities to develop empathy enhancing unique landscapes, traditions and flavors and encouraging sustainable tourism.

Our aim is to promote tourism in lesser known areas, particularly smaller villages, towns and in the countryside. This has the double goal of taking some pressure off over-crowded cities, reducing the damage deriving from mass tourism, and of spreading the wealth to other beautiful but less known sites. In fact, our offices are  located at Villafranca di Verona, a town near Verona that is less-known but very important in terms of history.

Our added value is based on our services. We offer high quality, organized and authentic touristic services that contribute in the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle including the 3 pillars of sustainability:
-Social: one of our main goals is to have a product that can give the real essence of our culture, preserving it and giving it value.
-Economic: we contribute to the economy while spreading the economic benefits of tourism mainly to rural areas, paying fairly to our employees and suppliers and -establishing a fair price for our products.
-Environmental: one of our bases is the active tourism that promotes green mobility, resulting in the creation of more sustainable cities not only for residents but also for tourists (i.e. the promotion of cycle-paths).

All our tours are accompanied by expert local guides and are done in an ecological and genuine way using mainly non-polluting means, such as bicycles, horses or on foot and in full respect of the environment, the local economy, culture and the people who live there. And, at the same time, enhancing unconventional places such as the countryside and small villages that are often dulled by the mass-tourism cities such as Verona.