Wyndham Resorts and Hotel CSR Actions : Water – new equipment and technologies
Content submitted by – UNWTO RW
Submited Date : 04/09/2018

Wyndham's water conservation programs strive to use products and implement services that promote cleaner water as well as more conservative and efficient consumption. Wyndham Worldwide locations in all business units globally, including franchise locations, are encouraged to use low flow showerheads, faucet aerators and consider other conservation programs, including low flow toilets, urinals and minimizing water loss due to poor landscaping management practices.

They have developed a series of programs and engagement initiatives with their guests, suppliers and franchisees to support water conservation plan. Guest sustainability programs, in particular, are a priority for the Company. The towel and linen re-use program at the hotel, where guests can choose not to have their linens and towels laundered every day- helps reduce water and energy consumption.

Furthermore, Wyndham Worldwide have made assessments on water risk from owned, managed and leased properties in their portfolio using the World Resource Institute's Aquaduct tool and the World Wildlife Fund's Water Risk Filter. Based on the location of their property, they consider a series of risks, which include water scarcity-, water stress, food occurrence, pollution and overall water risk, across thousands of properties.  The results of the water risk assessment were presented to the Wyndham Green Council with the objective to develop targeted programs to address communities and properties with the greatest exposure to water risk.