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Content submitted by City and I – Ujjwal
Submited Date : 02/09/2020

A bit about City &I
Borders are closed, travel is restricted, travel businesses are shut.
At City &I, we want to unlock travellers’ imagination and remove their hesitation for travel by sharing the inspiring and safety initiatives from hospitality and travel companies. We passionately want to show them what the hotels, restaurants, transport companies, and the destinations are doing to make their trip safe and comfortable.
As we don’t find a single common place or a forum that has had this necessary dedication and commitment, and that is why we have decided to step in.
City &I is an initiative to promote safe travel through it's portal based in India but with a global mindset. Our destination experts took the plunge into digital space to re-emerge as an inspiring travel web platform with two things in mind;
- To provide the industry partners, guides, small businesses with a highly trustworthy and desirable platform to showcase their initiatives and preparation for COVID free travel and help them getting their businesses back.
- To offer travellers a beautiful yet informative travel website to guide them from dreaming to deciding their holidays.

Readiness guidelines for the new normal
With hotels and tourism services reopening after the Covid lockdown, there is a lot to consider for the industry to protect their guests and employees. City &I team, alongside its partner hotels, and service providers researched many protocols and SOPs to bring some of the free “COVID-READY” recommendations. The objective of the platform to promote trust and safe travel. As this platform also provides latest information re the new SOPS, safety protocols for travel, we intend to share these information with as many hospitality and tourism companies for their use.
City &I is an initiatives of some of the travel industry veteran - Ujjwal Kant with their partner hotels, travel agencies, and guides.

We are looking for International Tourism board, and Association to come forward to share their guidelines, initiatives and collaborate with us to promote their destinations for Indian outbound travellers.