Content submitted by neuSTARK – Martin Büchele
Submited Date : 24/04/2020

We are a non-profit organization that supports regions, businesses and the people living with and from tourism in the Austrian Alps.

Our goal is, to create a future for alpine tourism that is sustainable for nature, corporations, employees and guests while maintaining the profitability for all involved.
This objective is achievable through a more conscious relationship with our resources (including human workforce) and a necessary mind shift from profitability driven motivators towards philanthropic hospitality principles that have been the bedrock of Austrian tourism for generations.

Hospitality goes farther than just providing food, lodging and attractions. Our goal must be to transform our business models from a one directional, resources consuming money maker, towards a sustainable, circular system that has true humanistic values as its core principles.

At the core of every venture are human beings and in order to provide better experiences to our guests, we need to take care of the people that take care of them. Our hoteliers, employees and everyone that is directly or indirectly involved in the industry must be considered an invaluable resource to us.
And therefore, we need to take care of those resources by taking care of the people serving our guests.
Our true mission to society is, and has always been, to provide rest and recovery to the people that come to us. That includes our own people and the thousands that come to us to work in the industry.

Through the current COVID 19 crisis, tourism in the Alps has suffered greatly and in response, will go through a transformation that will change how hospitality is going to be lived in the future.
The better we prepare for this change, the sooner we'll be back after this fallout has ended.

Lets work together to find a sustainable future for our industry, the land and the people living from it.

We are looking for partners that support the idea of sustainable Tourism in Austria and that can act as multipliers for this philosophy. If you are interested in bringing our hospitality to it's next evolutionary step, get involved.