The Global Goals for Tourism
Content submitted by – Vicky Smith
Submited Date : 05/08/2021

With an on-demand course covering every SDG, we’ll guide you to understand and apply these goals to your destination. The aim is simple: to support the industry’s sustainable development.

Grow Sustainably: We will look into each SDG, presenting best practices and relevant examples whilst building a roadmap to tackle each goal and successfully progress in sustainable development, as an organisation, and as a unified industry.

Access data: Learn the intrinsic meaning of each SDG, access the latest key statistics and how these are targeted and measured.

Learn from others: Be inspired by best practices and leading examples worldwide, to discover how each SDG can be applied in tourism.

Plan for Action: Get concrete recommendations on how to support each SDG and understand how it interlinks with the other goals.

Online: On demand + live, 17 training modules delivered in micro-lessons, complete with cases and guidance to develop focused indicators.

Develop Together: Co-design a path towards sustainable future, defining common challenges and sharing knowledge.

+ Bonus Research Track
Led by Birthe Menke, this additional part of the programme taps into strengths, challenges and opportunities in the Tourism Industry and set the basis for a forward-looking transformation, based on Collaborative Design.

Get together, exchange ideas and thoughts with key industry players, co-create and taking advantage of a moment when the industry slows down to fully prepare for the future.

Your Presenters
Vicky Smith - Founder of Earth Changers and expert in sustainable tourism.

Nick Hall - Founder and CEO of Digital Tourism Think Tank and expert in Destination transformation.

Birthe Menke - PhD Fellow in Sustainable Tourism Development and Tourism Co-Design.

Dates: Starts September 2021.
Runs for 17 weeks, with breaks, ending January 2022