LAYAG 2020 Tourism & Hospitality Research
Content submitted by NPRE and LPU BATANGAS – Mae
Submited Date : 14/09/2020

In celebration of World Tourism Day, the LAYAG 2020 : 2nd Tourism & Hospitality Research Conference will be held as an Academic Research Conference to provide opportunity for researchers, experienced professionals and academicians as well as other organizations to actively exchange, share meaningful findings of their latest research on topics relating to tourism and hospitality industry.

The goal of the conference is to respond to the need of the community, especially we have this COVID19 pandemic, it is timely and relevant to disseminate new knowledge in relation to tourism and hospitality, being one of greatly affected by the pandemic. The conference invites conceptual, empirical, and methodological research papers on various tourism and hospitality themes:
Best practices in hospitality and tourism establishments;
Business resilience of tourism and hospitality;
Climate change and Risk Management;
Digital tourism and technological advancement;
Food safety, hygiene and security policies and practices;
Human resource opportunities and issues;
Sustainable tourism and green hotel practices;
Tourism and hospitality education adaptation to technology; and Tourism and Hospitality operations management;

Publication Opportunities. All submitted papers will follow a rigorous double-blind review process and will be accepted and published in a CHED recognized journal. This would enable the researcher to disseminate information and contribute to the growing body of knowledge relating to tourism and hospitality.

We never stop learning and looking for possible solution through research, so we look forward to welcoming you LAYAG 2020 and we are confident that it will be an enjoyable and educational experience for all even through a virtual platform.

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