Content submitted by MAPS - Mott Ancona Projetos Sustentáveis – Carla Mott Ancona
Submited Date : 24/09/2020

MAPS 2020 Forum

Tourism, Events and Sustainability

Regeneration: the natural convergence

On the 15th and 16th of September, you have the chance to participate in an unprecedented international Forum. Together, Tourism, Events and Sustainability can radiate positive actions into the largest set of sectors and boost their recovery: economy, social insertion, labor market, education and - an increasingly sensitive area - nature preservation and regeneration. Today, Sustainability is the only concept that supports and can guarantee lasting results for business and the planet. Brazil has the potential to become the great world model in Tourism and Sustainability Events. And the segment actors will be the protagonists of this story.

The importance of the themes and speakers of the panels represents the great opportunity for a virtuous turn, making the MAPS Forum 2020 an event of general interest: operators, agents, suppliers, consumers and corporate customers, we will all make the most of it.