Destination Pledges Research: Objectives, Strategies, Implementation
Content submitted by University of Otago – Eliza
Submited Date : 07/11/2019

To date, this project has explored destination pledges in Iceland, Palau, Hawai’i, New Zealand and Finland from an organisational perspective. The project has focused on the motivations, strategies and impacts related to these destination pledges. Sixteen semi-structured interviews have been carried out with a total of 19 participants. Participants were high-ranking representatives of organisations involved in developing, managing and implementing activities related to the Icelandic Pledge, the Palau Pledge, the Hawai’I Pono Pledge, Tiaki – Care for New Zealand and the Sustainable Finland Pledge. Please see attached results summary for an overview of initial findings. Please contact the researchers for more details:

Dr Julia Albrecht, University of Otago,
Eliza Raymond, GOOD Travel,

We are keen for the results of our research to be disseminated as widely as possible and we are open to writing tailored articles for media and industry outlets. We are also interested in developing a second phase of this research to delve further into the impacts of the pledges and we would be interested in seeking funding to help facilitate this.