Examining an inclusive social tourism: Practices in Turkey
Content submitted by Universidade do Algarve – Hilal
Submited Date : 07/03/2023

This research analysed an inclusive social tourism camp in Turkey and introduced its principles to the literature. The motive of the research was examining how tourism can be a tool for the inclusion of disabled children and individuals into the society. But more importantly, it examined an example of entrepreneurship that pursues a social change by using voluntary tourism and social tourism as a tool to break social taboos with a voluntary workforce. The university supporting the research was Boğaziçi University and the sample association that the research was based on is the Alternative Life Association. Although the results of this research and its place in the literature can be found in the articles in the attached link, the underlining issue should be the philosophical discussion put forward by this article. This discussion is the necessity to audit to what extent social tourism or similar tourism activities operating in good faith are open to social inclusion and to what extent they aim for social change. Is every practice under the name of social tourism today inclusive enough for individuals to take part in it comfortably? The social tourism triangle, which is the most important research result presented by this research institution, can offer three different topics to this discussion. The first of these is the evaluation of the accessibility of institutions or activities in terms of price, transport and access to information. The second one is whether the organisation is open to diversity. The third topic of discussion is inclusiveness. Inclusiveness generally ranges from the ability of individuals to take a main role in organised activities without any difficulties and to participate freely in individual activities, to practices that can include different groups with high integration and diversity. The biggest contribution of this research is to put forward the principles of social/accessible tourism to achieve a real social impact.