Level of Satisfaction of the Customers in terms of Service Quality of Real Eagle Restaurant, South Forbes Golf and Country Club, Silang, Cavite
Content submitted by De La Salle University-Dasmarinas – Ki Young Lee
Submited Date : 17/06/2019

This study assesses the level of satisfaction of Filipino respondents on the quality service of Real Eagle Restaurant, South Forbes Golf and Country Club in Silang, Cavite. The reason for this topic is primarily because the researchers aim to contribute to existing literature pertaining to service and food quality. Additionally, the researchers seek to deliver a more exhaustive paradigm that fully explains customer satisfaction. In this way, it makes a way for the creation of effective and appropriate marketing strategies that not only benefit the researchers and/or the Lasallian community, but also the restaurant itself. The level of satisfaction is measured based on the dimensions included in the SERVQUAL model developed by Parasuraman and Berry in 1985 namely, reliability, assurance, tangibility, empathy, and responsiveness.

This research is quantitative in nature which makes the dissemination of survey questionnaires the most suitable way to obtain the required data. A total of 45 respondents were gathered through convenience sampling. This study also follows a descriptive correlational design that allows researchers to utilize descriptive statistics, while also figuring out whether or not there is a relationship between reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction. Results of this study were verified statistically using the ANOVA table, while taking into consideration the average means of the each dimension of service quality.

Findings reveal that Real Eagle Restaurant’s service quality is Very Satisfactory according to the respondents and each dimension of SERVQUAL model, it has exhibited high levels of service quality with very minimal improvements to be implemented. The researchers were able to create an employee development program, as well as a customer satisfaction program that seek to address the recurring and common problems that were identified in the process.