Peace through tourism. The role of tourism in the achievement of the SDG16 (plus)
Content submitted by International Institute for Peace through Tourism – Fabio
Submited Date : 04/05/2022
Fabio Carbone during one of his speech (University of Macerata, Italy).

The contribution of tourism to a widespread culture of peace is a much more complex subject than it seems. Fabio Carbone's ongoing research is based on the initial idea that tourism is only potentially a vehicle to peace. Thus his research aims to explore the dynamics underlying an effective contribution of tourism for the promotion of global mutual understanding and peace. The ontological approach is transdisciplinary, integrating mainly tourism studies, cultural heritage management and peace and conflict studies. A revision of the approach to tourism – from both supply and demand side – is an essential step towards the establishment of an effective link between tourism and peace. In particular, it was recently pointed out the potential of war related attractions, particularly war museums, as “local infrastructures for peace” (Carbone, 2021). Fabio Carbone's studies aim to stimulate a public discussion (involving policy makers, cultural heritage managers, travellers, DMCs, DMOs, donors, academia and hosting communities)curators, politicians, and destination managers) leading to a conscious and informed decision on the social role to be given to tourism practices for the achievement of the SDG16 (and SDG16plus).

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