Content submitted by NOVA University Lisbon (Portugal) – Maria Joao
Submited Date : 07/01/2024

TravelconT, The Crossroads of Contemporary Travel in Postcolonial Tourism, a project whose objective is to map and reflect on tourist traffic from the point of view of Memory Tourism placing it within a critical discourse whose importance rests on an interdisciplinary methodological approach and research enhancing cross-border value and with a pluricontinental emphasis. As tourism is a worldwide activity with a huge impact on national GDPs, it is now a global phenomenon and transversal to a shared genealogy – colonial empires. This has acted as a catalyst for tourist flows in both directions: former colonial settlers visiting the old overseas geographies and the formerly colonised travelling as tourists to the old imperial centre in a dual dynamic whose perspective is extremely current.

In sum, TravelconT is based on travel as an anchor and engine for value creation, promotion and empowerment of human development using tourism as an awareness-raising element leading to active and open citizenship. This is its added value, power and topicality, wholly in line with the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations (SDGs).

TravelconT intends to create a strategic collaborative network that is efficient, collective, cooperative and decentralised moving towards a consequent but disruptive project with each member seen as a centre triggering new outreaching tentacles of knowledge. Tourism acts here as an agent of positive transformation in an approach that benefits both visitors and the visited, and whose proactivity radiates out into the social fabric with a holistic engagement.