Business through Bedouin community development
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Submited Date : 28/06/2018
Mohammad Daifallah

My name is Mohammad Daifallah from Jordan, and this is my story… I am living with my family at Wadi Araba – this is my home. I was born in 1980 in a Bedouin family in a cave. I grew up in a place that is called today Dana Nature Reserve. When I was a little boy I went to a school. My school was one room. A small place. But it was school, and it was good to study, and I saw my friends every day at school. I spent ten years there. After that I left to go to the next school. I liked school, I liked to learn. After that I went to the Mutah University to study Arabic Literature. It was a big challenge for me because I was the first one to leave this area to study outside, and there was no example for me to see what the people need to do. I was alone. I was the first one. I was scared, but also happy. I was the first. After that, I had to start to make money, to take care of my family. I came to this place. I hoped I could find work – this is my home, I know this place. I could learn. They gave me a job. I was so proud. I worked at Fenyan Eco Lodge in different jobs, and later as an Eco Guide. The work here helped me because the work was close to my family. It was a good chance to stay close with my family, not going outside looking for a job. Today, I still work at the lodge. But now I am married, and I have a house, and I have two children. My work is close, so I can see my family every day. This makes me happy. What I love of my work is I am working in nature, and I am working with the tourists. I meet the people, and I tell them about my culture, and also teach them about my traditions. And also I learn about them and their culture. When I tell my friends, they are jealous of my job and they like what I do. This work gives me a good chance because I learn from this work a lot, and get many ideas about the future. If I do anything in my future, I will say thank you for this place. If I was not working here, probably I would have to live away from my home, from my family. Probably I would go and work in Aqaba (200 km away), and I would be far away. This work helped me to build a nice house, also to take care of my children. Also to use technology like the internet and the computer. And everyday I learn a lot. There is also more for me to learn. I am happy when I learn, and I can tell my family about my job. Maybe my children will work here one day. Probably in the future I will be a famous person in this place, because many articles are written about this place, and I am in these articles. People see my picture. I will become a famous person in this place, not a simple person.