Dream and Delhi
Content submitted by Igloopupa – Aparna
Submited Date : 25/03/2019

This is a blog about how a woman entrepreneur from Manipur is trying to persuade her community to get involved in mushroom farming. Farmers used to burn off the hay after harvest. In India this is unfortunately a common practice these days which choked the capital city of New Delhi with smog. Hay is of no commercial value for farmers and stocking them is a waste of time and effort for them. In this scenario, Ms. Prava’s Initiative is relevant. She wants to promote the use of hay in mushroom cultivation so that she can prevent the burning of hay in her village. She is also worried about the forests being cut down during months of unemployment. Villagers cut trees for firewood since they have no money to buy fuel for cooking. Prava believes that mushroom cultivation solves this problem to a large extend as farmers get money throughout the year. This is also a method to employ women and empower them. Prava aims at exporting mushrooms too.
For a tourist, such initiatives are important. This addresses air pollution and improves the environment. Places like Delhi has a lot to offer to visitors. But air pollution has caused considerable decline in the number of visitors. To look at other parts of the world, regional solutions like these which may not have direct implication on tourism, can be identified. This is definitely in tune with the larger impact.