Help the local economy while travelling
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Submited Date : 30/08/2019
Kaba made in one day by a amateur stylist

.The story of this Kaba.

For a cultural festival I needed traditional outfits.

I could have taken some at home but the travel instructions came down the day before and were "travel light"

Result i just take 1 that I wear before the big ceremony.

The day before the official ceremony, I went to the market with my travel friend.

Understand Nkongsamba is a shopping city.

You will find everything. Absolutely everything.

I bought and left 3 material at 11am at her cousin's. An amateur stylist I told her to have fun as its pleases her.

At 17 am this outfit was ready.

The other 2 ready the next day.

What I like most about tourism is "leaving money on the spot", contributing to the local economy.

Events like the Festival help boost the small and big business.

Oh I also took a bag for my camera, it's the one hanging on my arm and that was very useful for 5 days :)

Traveling is good

Traveling useful is even better.

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