Kudaka Island, Okinawa Prefecture: Challenges of Kudaka, Island of the Gods, as it Aims to Pass on its Culture to Future Generations
Content submitted by Asia-Pacific Tourism Exchange Center (APTEC) – Asia-Pacific Tourism Exchange Center
Submited Date : 30/10/2023

Kudaka Island in Okinawa Prefecture, an island with a population of only 200 people, was experiencing a variety of problems due to the approximately 60,000 tourists who visit the island annually. In addition, as more and more young people wanted to return to the island, the lack of jobs and housing on the island was becoming a problem. As a solution, we began the challenge of creating a system to preserve the lifestyle and scenery that the islanders wanted to retain and to have tourism support this.

Specifically, we worked to spread the benefit of tourism to the economy throughout the island by developing tour programs that would allow visitors to experience the island's diverse local resources. And then, we conducted online surveys with tourists and residents through questionnaires and continue to monitor the situation in the community while everyone is seeing the benefits of these initiatives. Monitoring the local resources and the local economy is a remaining issue.