Kyoto City: Initiatives for Sustainable Regional Management Utilizing Tourism Prompted by the Formulation of a Tourism Promotion Plan
Content submitted by Asia-Pacific Tourism Exchange Center (APTEC) – Asia-Pacific Tourism Exchange Center
Submited Date : 30/10/2023

Kyoto City received many tourists from Japan and abroad as one of the world's leading tourist destinations. However, around 2014, overtourism and tourist etiquette became apparent problems. In addition, a shortage of cultural leaders, the decline of local communities and other issues were also on the rise. In 2021, the Kyoto Tourism Promotion Plan 2025 was formulated with the vision of enabling sustainable tourism that contributes to enriching the lives of citizens, solving regional and social issues, achieving the SDGs, and responding to various crises such as infectious diseases and disasters, as well as environmental issues. Many stakeholders have been involved in the planning process, and it is expected that sustainable regional management will be achieved by further expanding the range of participants and target policy areas.