Content submitted by Red Rocks Initiatives – Gregory
Submited Date : 25/02/2021
Walking Safaris to keep fit

Red Rocks Initiatives for Sustainable Development brings together the community in support of its children through conservation and health education programs. Our dedicated team of Conservation Heritage members provides education to these children and their families to attain sustainable knowledge, practice, and enhance their health and communities through artistic and experiential projects.

Our main focus is conservation and health education programs in schools from communities adjacent to the Volcanoes National Park, home to the endangered mountain gorillas. This initiative was established not only to provide opportunities for future generations (children) who want to practice and play tennis, basketball, table tennis, and chess but also to encourage healthy living habits and unite communities in safeguarding Rwanda’s National Parks and wildlife. Children learn etiquette on and off the court, practice teamwork and proper sportsmanship, gaining strength, and being honest. They also understand how to win and lose! Competition becomes part of their life, it makes them improve and they try harder next time.

We expanded our conservation education program to other places in our centers, that is in Northern, Western, and Eastern provinces where we established community centers and promoting health through sports, and create awareness of the advantages of protecting our environment. Our sports for conservation have made remarkable impacts on community members and the children providing an important role in community conservation and wellness.