Tourism and youth development in Tanzania
Content submitted by Young Tourism Network – Seth Charles Mkisi
Submited Date : 12/09/2018
Seth Charles Mkisi | Founder | Young Tourism Network

Why Can Tourism be an efficient tool to fight poverty and unemployment rate in Tanzania especially among youth??

(1). Tourism is Consumed at the Point of Production.
(2). Tourism is a more diverse industry than many others.
(3). Tourism is labour intensive, which is particularly important.
(4). It creates opportunities for many small and micro entrepreneurs.
(5). The infrastructures required by Tourism can also benefit communities and Youth activities.
(6). Tanzania has a comparative advantage in tourism.
(7). Tourism provides not only material benefits for the country but also cultural pride.
(8). Tourism is taking an increasing importance in the economy of Tanzania.

I believe that tourism is in a good position to contribute to the poverty alleviation and job opportunities among Tanzanian. On the other hand I think Tourism industry should be promoted by allowing young people to start their own businesses (Social Enterprises), as it happens in South Africa, Kenya and Ghana but regulations must be simple and easy in order not to discourage them. ( e.g Tourism Act 2008, TATO, Brela & TRA) Likewise I urge young people to create the culture of visiting tourist attractions found in Tanzania.