Tourism protecting people, predators, prey and place
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Submited Date : 28/06/2018
‘Mama’ Anna Pallangyo

My name is ‘Mama’ Anna Pallangyo, and this is my story… It all started with micro enterprises initiatives by the local not for profit organization FAIDA opening their door to my predicament in 1994 then grappling with a life full of disadvantages and lack of meaning. They sponsored me to train in entrepreneurship skills and milk processing. I then proceeded, with the help of FAIDA, to be introduced to the idea of promoting cultural activities in my village. It encouraged an integrated approach to cultural tourism in which I convinced seven other women to join and we founded the Agape Women’s group, and later developed income generating projects, through the Mulala Cultural Tourism Enterprise. With the help of SNV and the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) in facilitating our promotion we finally received a first group of 20 tourists in the first quarter of 1998. Life has since grown in leaps and bounds; I have found a meaning in life and living, enabling me to pay for school fees for my three children up to the university level, including building a new house, owning a motorcycle and a small car. Seeing the great need there was in pushing the education agenda further in the village, I was able to raise funds and donations to support the kindergarten, primary and secondary schools with critical items meant to add value to the quality of education. In addition, I have pioneered the setting up of a school with four classrooms and drilled a bore hole to supply water initially to the school and later to the whole village. Today, all the stress of life has passed and my family and I are happy that several partners came on board to help me change my family’s lifestyle, other group members and our village.